Create your HAPPINESS!


Happy HUMP DAY Everyone!

Did you know that God has already equipped us with the “power tools” needed to walk purposefully in life?

For instance, your HAPPINESS. Often times, we mistakenly think that we will find happiness once we get that new job….

Or when we lose weight…..

Or land that huge gig…

Or better yet, move out of the country!

Truth is, God has already given us the POWER to CREATE our very own HAPPINESS. All you have to do is tap into it!

Everyone isn’t capable of doing it on their own and that’s normal. Let me help you find your inner peace and happiness….

It’s time to LIVE AGAIN💖

Remember…Change your Thoughts, Change your Life, Change your WORLD💫

I love you guys!

RIP KOBE, GIANNA & to all of the other victims! 🙏🏽


Shalbe Adams
Founder & CEO
Personal Development Coach
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💕

Follow me on IG: @virtuousdivinitylc

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