Creating new environments

Rebounding from dynamics of divorce

After the papers are signed, division of furnishings and photos have been done, scheduling for visiting of the  children are doable, you begin to walk through the rooms and noticeable changes are apparent. Questions arise of “how did we get here?” It’s okay to wonder and sit with the emotions that swirl around you from disappointment to anger, they are all parts of grief and no matter what they are necessary for growth.

Alrighty then let’s delve into moving forward, put that smile on your face it’s time to find you! Sit on down and grab a notebook or journal and revamp your daily schedule, if the children are older and attending school make note of times you’re responsible for ride-sharing, perhaps the marriage lasted longer and you find yourself with an empty nest, the next steps are different in many cases. For now let’s assume the children are somewhat out of the home during the day, fitting your goals of the day as primary is very important.

Now that the daily routine has been revamped, make sure to include things you dismissed because there was never enough time, check back into those dance classes, times the skating rink is available, book clubs to extend your intellectual interest, whichever activities are added give yourself “quality time” to create joyful experiences.

Ok, let’s step into the rooms one by one, looking around now that the place is solely yours is everything where you’d like for them to be, alrighty then let’s get to rearranging! This is your new environment, your new “aboud” time to claim those colors that make you excited for the next day.  Take one room at a time, maybe even shift things and go back the next evening and see if it continues to feel “just right” and more like you. 

It’s been shown that creating a new environment provides opportunities to discover the “real you” that may have been overshadowed by raising children, building or supporting your ex in business, and/or shifting interests due to time constraints. As of today and the tommorrows that come give yourself grace to find themes and interests that you can live with on your terms, be happy in this Life and understand “It’s yours to choose how it looks and feels”.

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