Creating Your Course Roadmap

Hey Sis,
Oftentimes women entrepreneurs find it challenging to figure out the step by step process to building their online course. 
From lesson content, to creating modules…
They just find themselves stuck and wondering what the perfect step by step order would be.
In their minds, it’s almost impossible to overcome.,,,
Sometimes it takes them months or even years to launch their course.
The worse part is that some women will put it on the back burner and deprive themselves of a taking part in the $150 billion online learning industry.
A few years ago, I came across this simple strategy that helped me map out my course in a systematic way that will made it come together like a well oiled machine!
And trust me…
I know that once you understand this method you will never be uncertain again.
You’ll realize that it’s so simple and you won’t have to waste another second stuck concerning your course. 
So, here is the process.  Click the play button, Sis.
You have a God Given bankable gift on the inside of you. This gift will help people find a way of escape from the pains they are currently experiencing.
Your bankable gift can open the door to so many online courses.
But this is where it can all get so mixed up for female entrepreneurs. 
Many women are filled with so many ideas and thoughts boggling their minds… 
Just imagine if your course had a gazillion modules and lessons? 
Your students would be overwhelmed and ready to pull their hair out before they complete the first module. 
Some ladies have over 25 courses in her head and make the mistake of trying to squeeze it altogether.
The trick is to be focused and select ONE. 
So whats the best way to do this when you have so much knowledge to share? 
I have a road map that makes the process very easy, helping you create a sweet, simple and specific course with modules and lessons that have a flowing pattern.
When you’re building a course, you’re taking people on a journey right? 
You’re taking them from start to finish. 
To begin with, figure out what start to finish looks like in your market. 
The start being the place where they are today. The problem that they are facing.
They’re do not have your bankable gift and are very suck. 
It may not something like they don’t know how to potty train their child and as a result, they overspend on diapers.
Or maybe they don’t know about food portions specific to certain health goals and are struggling with supplements and juices to get to their desired result.
Or maybe they could be running a business and they don’t have Instagram marketing techniques. 
This means their Instagram account does not show their authority in their industry.
Map out the issue in a short sentence and write what it feels like to be in their shoes.
Imagine them in the on the kitchen floor with a tub of ice cream, devastated about this and write it down.
Maybe you’re like the business I had, which was an automation coaching agency that helped people who were burnt out and exhausted from a running manual businesses and could not take one more day. 
That’s how I’d write my market’s problem out. 
Then, at the other end of the page, I want you to write out what a picture perfect day looks like, in just a few words. This is the finish line…. where you’re taking them to. 
For example, at the end of my automation coaching course, my clients were able to have a streamlined, systemized business that could run hands-free, where they could save eight hours every single week. 
Or maybe your sleep training course is able to give new moms 8 hours of sleep back a night.
So what does a picture perfect day look like? At the end of working with you, what will they now be able to achieve?
If you had that person in a deep dark hole of being stuck with you, and you’re allowed to tell them six steps to get out of the hole and leave their problem…
What would those steps be? 
What steps do they need to take to get their child potty trained? 
You can have up to six steps… 
And sometimes you end up with 10, so be sure to keep it simple sweet. More than one step could be merged into just one.
These steps end up become a part of the greater picture and are the components of your course modules.
Sis, can you see the power of this? 
And once you’ve got the modules locked in, simply put six lessons under each one and you’re good to go. 
This process allows you to take all of that confusion and stuff that’s up in your head, and simplify it right down. 
And no more than six modules.
Got it?
I hope this has made mapping out your gorgeous signature online program easier…
So you can take all the knowledge filled up in your head and start making it bankable. 

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