Creative All Call

This is an ALL CALL for creatives! Both “undercover” as well as loud and proud. As this world grows darker, we need those who exude light to shine. The gifts we receive from creatives can provide that light. Who am I talking to you ask? Those of you who write, sing, paint, cook, dance, style, bake, design, draw, play instruments and so on! Without you, many of us would have no coping mechanisms or other positive ways to make ourselves feel better.

            Those of you who are already operating your respective crafts, I applaud you. Now, we need you to turn it up a few notches! However, if you’re “undercover” we need you to do whatever it takes to activate your gifts and to start sharing them.

            Why do I feel the need for this all call? It’s because I want to help. I was once an “undercover” creative myself. I didn’t even know I was a writer until two years ago. But, once I unlocked the gifts I have not been able to shut it off and I don’t think I want to! Many of you were once excited about your creative gifts until something happened. Someone said or did something that moved you away from it. Then life took over and moved you even farther away from it. My goal is to bring you back to it.

            There are many steps and the process will be different for all of you. It will take work but what’s on the other side is a reward for yourself and others. Since I mentioned from the beginning that this is a creative all call, here it is. Creators…come forth!

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