Crossing Bridges

Crossing bridges to a better future, letting go of relationships that no longer exist to benefit either person.

At this time you’re both living under the same roof, different rooms or perhaps under different roofs, living separate lives. Either way your lives are in a standstill waiting for the other to make a move toward some resolution, just not sure of how and when.

There is no right or wrong way to manage this situation it just needs a bit of honesty and communication between the two of you. No name calling just sitting down for a 20minute date, taking turns expressing how you see this moving forward, giving honor to the years invested in the relationship allow the other person to speak uninterrupted.

Now recall ” What i heard you say is-” crossing that bridge can be emotionally stifling, yet it’s necessary. 

Support in managing how to approach him or her is available right now at your convenience and in a setting of your choosing. Book now while spaces are available, giving you time to make the best decision for your future.

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