After the passing of my Dad I decided to write a poem about our relationship. He was my father. A provider. Good neighbor. Hard worker. Very strong. Loving! Living in this world with the unseen appearance of being difference.

Yesterday eye saw that I had too many of the letter I in my story.  So, today I share this poem with you today.


I miss you Daddy.  Now that your on the other side.  I remember.  It was you who could hear the sound of nothing.  As the sound of I have never heard.  You heard the noise of teardrops.  The cry that uttered no sound.  You heard the madness of sadness.  You reached out to call in your foreign language.  I always wondered where the noise came from.  Because I never heard what you could.  And you couldn’t hear what I heard.  Your ears and your voice was different.  My ears and my voice was like everyone else.  They teased and taunted.  Yet you continued to smile.  Daddy the protector.  Mommy the shelter.  Your eyes were your ears.  Your hands were your mouths.  With words you communicated to each other.  It’s going to be alright.  We are human beings.  And our children are prepared.  To stand up for the fight.  I love you Daddy. 

-Celestine R Snell, POETRY FOR A LIFE TIME, The Etches and Sketches of My Life Story “2012”  A HEALING MOTIONS PRODUCTIONS

Both my parents were deaf & mute.  Sign language is how we communicated.  

Peace & Love

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