Date by Faith not by Sight

Beautiful Queens 

Let’s learn how to date by Faith. The Bible tells us to walk by Faith and not by sight. Therefore we should date by Faith and not by sight meaning not by our senses.  Based on our emotions which are our feelings.  Our TASTE meaning our preferences; or our SIGHT/EYES, meaning what we see. How does he look what does he have…is he tall, dark, and handsome; our TOUCH; how does he make me feel in bed (remember no sex before marriage); our SMELL girl he wears Creed and Tom Ford always smell so good; or our HEARING the things/ lies he says or tells us or the things our family, friends, media, and Hollywood is saying to us.  Ladies; None of this is dating by FAITH.

BEAUTIFUL QUEENS we must learn to Date by Faith and not by Sight. Remember never settle or compromise your standards to get or keep a man. I say this with 💕 


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