Dating As A Single Mom

Let's move with discernment when dating as single moms. Our choices not only effect us but our precious children as well.

Dating as a single mom with young children can be complicated. The choices we make and people that we decide to allow into our lives will either directly or indirectly affect out children. It is imperative that we make our decisions based off of logic along with emotional maturity. As single moms we can sometimes or even often find ourselves “lonely” and yearning for a partner. This is normal for any single human being. But as single mothers we have to move with extra precaution because our decisions no longer only effect just ourselves. Sometimes the emotional state of feeling alone and wanting love can cause us to move forward with someone who will cause more damage than good which will in turn cause damage to our children as well. Let’s take the time to work on our past trauma and pain, figure out where this state of feeling lonely is coming from, i.e could you possible be putting something aside that you should be giving your attention to at this time? Let’s move forward in the most logical and strategic way, where at the end of the day we are able to lay our heads down at night peacefully knowing that we have yet again made it through another day where we’ve made decisions that will help ourselves and our children continue to move through this life in a state of love and peace instead of brokenness.


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