De-cluttering your home Can Help You Heal

Do you have areas in your home that are cluttered, disorganized, and/or messy? Don’t worry if you do, I’ve been there too! 


On your healing journey, it is really easy for this to happen because you are spending so much time and energy just trying to keep yourself above water. As a result,  you neglect the areas of your home that should be a priority because it’s the place you live and spend your time.


A good way to help in your healing process is by de-cluttering your space. 


It sounds really simple, but it can really be hard to do. It could be hard for you to do because you take a look at the areas and say, “I don’t know where to start!” You could be finding it hard to get started de-cluttering because you don’t know why you should even bother, everything else is already a mess. Let’s start by looking at the reasons why you should want to get rid of the mess and de-clutter your space to help. 


  1. De-cluttering allows you room to breathe.

    It allows you the opportunity to see clearly what you have and don’t have.  When things in your surroundings are cluttered it could mean things in your life most likely are cluttered as well. It’s a good idea to go through one drawer at a time or one closet at a time and begin to declutter those spaces. 


  1. De-cluttering is an act of Self-Love.

    Why?… You are saying to yourself, “This is the environment that I live in,  where I spend my time.  I want to make sure that it looks the way I do because it’s a reflection of how I am doing…Your space is a reflection of you.  


  1. Decluttering makes room for something new. 


New desires, new goals, and new habits. It will give you a fresh start. When you open up your cleaned-out drawer or cabinet you’re going to be able to see space for something new. You will gain clarity by being able to see what you actually have, don’t have, or need.


 Once you begin the de-cluttering process, your mind will be able to process things more clearly and you will be in a better place to make decisions that are right for you. De-cluttering gives you the opportunity to look into your future with excitement, confidence, and joy realizing that you made a choice to go from a chaotic space to a calm space. Being able to open a closet, cupboard, or drawer and see it in an  organized manner will awaken in you what things you need to rid your mind of.  


When you de-clutter your space,  you’re going to feel so much better about who you are, where you’re headed, and what you want to accomplish.


 You will be able to take that deep breath, show yourself love and make room for something new.


So what are you waiting for!?!

Take action today and begin to de-clutter your space. Email me know what area of your home you are going to start working on. I’d love to send some encouragement your way!

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