De-stressing our teens

Giving our teens support through life #Life Coaching with Tongerla

This message is for parents addressing their young and older teens in this current pandemic.  Teens are having Life hard with management of school, possible job employment,  deciding on college or military after high school. Parents have you considered checking in with your sons and daughters inquiring about how life is treating them, the time is now! 

There has been a rise in teen suicides, in addition to mental health and substance abuse crisises in our world of late.  Providing your teens with options for support is a necessity, whether it be a counselor, mentor or lifecoach your due diligence is needed in finding ways to assist in de-stressing the situations. 

Life Coaching is a means to motivate and redirect your young adults to problem solve dilemmas in a way that empowers them to resolve whatever conflicts there are in front of them. 

Scroll through and read for more information listed on my many posts to determine if I am a fit for your son or daughter, if not please seek support elsewhere.

#De-stress our teens

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