Getting dumped by someone when you didn’t see it coming is the worst! Or, knowing that it’s coming to an end but being in denial about it can be a real mind eff! However, I’m here to tell you from experience alone that what is for you won’t leave nor forsake you. YES, that is a hard pill to swallow when you have planned your entire life with someone who chose to walk away. However, the sun must always rise again. On the other side of that heartbreak, that denial or that let down, you my friend will take what you learned from that old situation and level up mentally, spiritually and emotionally. If you’re going through a divorce, a break up, or just getting out of a fwb’s hook up situation, have no fear. Now is the time to do YOU! Now is the time to deal: receive that relationship for exactly what it was, while experiencing every emotion, heal: take accountability for any shortcomings you may have had (ex: ignoring red flags or thinking you could change them) and surrender: give it fully to God/Universe and actively choose to put one foot in front of the other and move on! You can do this. I’ve been right where you’re at and trust me when I say, you will be thanking your lucky stars for that experience. Yes, you will be thankful. I know you’re not right now because you are in the midst of that madness. However, a new day will come and you will be smarter, with greater discernment and a lot of wisdom. Keep pushing! 

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