dealing with anxiety

Lets talk about anxiety and fear for a moment.   I once heard an older lady say that one of her regrets in life was that she wished she would not have feared so much in her long lived life.  A lot of the things she feared never came to fruition.  I can relate to that story.  A lot of times we fear the unknown or we fear having to break up with some one because we fear we will not be able to handle the painful emotions when in reality you really can.  Fear and anxiety really starts with a thought in your mind and then it grows from there.  What has helped me over come anxiety and fear is I ask myself “in this moment do I have to worry about this situation” and a lot of the times in this moment I really don’t have to worry about it  That practice will help you live in the moment and really put things in perspective and allow you to release  the anxiety.  

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