Dear Hurt

Dear Hurt,

You no longer  live here  anymore. God has allowed me to go through hell and back and still be standing strong.  Insecurities, low self-esteem, negative thoughts, brokenness and trust issues…

You no longer rent space in my life . I am whole and no longer bound. I refuse to live in my  brokeness and pain. I thank you for teaching me how valuable I am in God’s eyes.   Everything I went through taught me how strong I really am  and it showed me how God trusted me with trouble.   God threw me in the fire and I came out on top.  

So this is a farewell to every insecurity,  to all my failures, to every negative thought, to my hurt and humiliation ,to my past and finally to the one’s who used and  took advantage of me…KICK ROCKS.   I am healed and whole and walking in my destiny. You know longer have control over me . I am now walking as God sees me. And God sees me as POWERFUL!!!!

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