Deciding to Coach

It was simple, really… I kept coming across long-term friends and family members seeking guidance in their relationships and career choices. I found myself in the middle of tense marriages, friendship wars, and even Mommy/Daughter battles. I was often encouraging individuals to press on and keep with ‘the good fight’ even when it looked like all hope was lost. After being laid off the second time around, I decided to get some training and guidance under my belt for a career shift. Tony Gaskins offered a number of trainings online. His team also provided a platform that I could study and potentially model for my own clients – providing optimal wisdom at low or even no cost while building a business that would eventually reward my time and efforts with an income to guarantee the flexibility to continue serving those in need.

I do not consider myself a perfect specimen by any means, but I love helping people, bringing families together, and individuals living a life of freedom and abundance. This is my goal for each and every one of my clients.

If you could use some unbiased support and wisdom, I am here to help! Whether you would like advise on how to self-publish your first book, conquer your fears in communication, or grew exponentially in your faith, I can be a resource for you.~ 

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