Deep Down We Know

Temporary joys of niceness from them is what we use to justify all the red flags

I was recently reflecting on how accurate our God given intuition is. From my past experience as well as from conversating with others, I noticed how we actually knew that previous situationships or relationships were wrong for us while we were in still in them. Lack of self love can cause us to second guess ourselves and make us question our own intuition that is trying to warn us and show us red flags but we tend to rationalize bad behaviors, or give 2nd, 3rd or more chances hoping for better. Sometimes when someone does or say something that we know is off, it can be easily overlooked when they do something nice for us like buy us flowers or do something that is very thoughtful. We say in our minds things like “See look how sweet they are”, “This proves they truly love me”, or “No one is perfect”. All that does is rationalize the offense(s) and override it with the gifts or nice gestures, when in reality those offenses were actual indicators of how they really felt and what their intentions are. Self love and trusting yourself goes hand and hand. Without enforcing boundaries, we let others cross them.  We then rationalize it in our minds and overlook it when they do something nice. It is self deceit. But deep down we never feel quite right. We feel uneasy. Temporary joys of niceness from them is what we use to justify all the red flags. I’ve done it. I think it’s quite common but when you look back, you knew that that person was not right for you while you were with them. 

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