Knowing what success looks like to you and why you are in pursuit of it keeps you determined to persevere.

WARNING: Multitasking is a trap!

I know, I know; you’ve been “successfully” doing it for years! Or so you thought. Let me break it down. Multitasking is doing two or more things at once to increase productivity when, in reality, precious time is being wasted. It is tempting to argue the effectiveness of multitasking, but hear me out.

For maximum efficiency, concentrating on one thing at a time is the key. The truth is our brains can only focus intently on one job. Moving between tasks forces the brain to recalibrate time and time again. Each shift requires an internal reset, a shifting of gears. Why keep realigning when it is better to prioritize one task at a time for optimum success? Yes, success. We keep making our way back to that word.

A ton of books, guides, and resources exist to tell you how to be successful. Here we are going to eliminate the fluff and get straight to the point. If you want to be successful, follow these necessary steps:

Step One: Define success on your terms.

What does success look like to you? Write it down and make it plain. Undoubtedly, your answer will vary to some degree from your friends and family because everyone’s vision of success is personal. Figure out what motivates you to pursue and achieve your goals – this is your why. Write that down too! Knowing what success looks like to you and why you are in pursuit of it keeps you determined to persevere.

Step Two: Set realistic goals that walk you to the front of your success.

The next step after clarifying your vision is setting goals and developing a strategy. Realistic goals serve as benchmarks to celebrate and keep your determination / momentum going. Who doesn’t like to win?!?! Achieving small victories along the way to success keeps determination alive! Incremental goals walk you right to what you desire without being winded from unnecessarily wide, over-exaggerated steps. This also reduces the chance of misstepping or totally falling, which causes another 2-3 steps to be added to the process. Short-term goals eliminate the need to play catchup and lead you straight to long-lasting success. 

Step Three: Train your mind to think correcting.

This is where we eradicate the myth that multitasking produces productivity – a continual state of producing a quality of something. Quality is the key word! Completing your task or goal in excellence requires your full attention. Hone in and finish! One step at a time, one goal at a time, one assignment at a time – persevere until it is completed. Focus produces quality; quality produces a standard; standards produce stability, and stability produces a firm foundation that can be trusted to carry the weight of success. Multitasking will never allow you or your company to maintain that which you have obtained.

Step Four: Create your ideal environment.

No need to wait until you “arrive” to have things just as you want them. Shaping your environment along the way is essential to walking towards your goals. Discipline (aka determination) is required. Motivation gets your feet moving; a determined heart and mind keeps you focused on completion. Achievement revives motivation, and this is how you continue climbing towards success. Rid yourself of toxic relationships, poor systems of communication, clutter (environmental and mental clutter), and unrealistic goals. 

Step Five: Walk.

Your vision is clear, goals are set, your thought life is on track, and your environment is conducive for winning. All that’s left to do is walk it out. Press towards success (as you define it) trusting the steps to keep you on track as you climb with ease.

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