Where you're from and where you're going, are clearly two separate experiences. Though one supports the other. What do you do with lemons? You make and lemonade!

Your past does not determine your future.  You do.  How you use your past can lift you up to higher spiritual grounds.  Move you into a realm of possibilities that will lead you to your destination.  If you let it.  And when you get to your destination, you will thank you past for all of the golden nuggets you have turned into DIAMONDS & GOLD. 

Take flight now!  It is time for you to SOAR.  Never forget your roots.  Your roots are the fruits of your soul. 

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting to know yourself.  When you walk, talk, move and have your being with the knowledge of knowing who you are in this walk we call life, can be the greatest gift of all times.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Know Thyself!  Study you! Approve you!  Go get that operational blueprint together from within your soul.  And function in this world as your natural self.  Living on purpose.  Utilizing your own, Personal Power, Skills, Gifts & Talents.  Free your mind and the rest will follow!   Amen – Celestine R. Snell,  A HEALING MOTIONS Production “2020”


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