Did You Skip Dating?

"Did You Skip Dating?" is today's blog post about the importance of taking your time to get to know the person you're dating so that you don't commit to a stranger. ~Many say there’s no point in getting married, while others say marriage doesn’t work. However, in most cases when people skip dating or simply date wrong, they create a foundation that was never meant or built to last. ~Coach Sam

Well, Spring is here and love is in the air for many, or so they think because they feel over the moon and extremely joyful and elated to have another to call their significant other. Some can’t wait to say I do while others hear wedding bells. And with all the excitement and happiness in the air, soon it will all seem like a cruel dream gone astray. Why?

Well because in the haste to mate and maintain keeping their hot date they skipped dating. That’s right the dating process didn’t take place. Nope! Instead, what happened what the too often occurrence of man meeting woman and infatuation and flattery blinded them from the simple reality that neither knows the other.

Certainly, it would from the outside looking in it appears they do. But much like a screen saver once the newness and lovey-dovey state ends the reality of who they actual committed to will be staring them in the face and if not both certain one of them will be without a doubt overwhelmed with stress and frustration from failed expectations becoming reality. So how do you stop this from becoming your reality?

It’s simple and yet baffling at the same time. You enjoy the dating process. I know you’re thinking people who commit to one another do date. However, I caution you to rethink that because in today’s microwave society of give me the biggest, grandest, and best thing not just now but right now the average couple is not dating.

Going out and having a good time or enjoying the other person’s company is not dating! And I guarantee you most people would tell you when asked about their date they had a good time and look forward to going out again, it was horrible and they couldn’t wait for the night to end, or something in between. So, would you like to know the number one way to know if you’re skipped dating?

Well, whether you said yes or no, here it is ladies and gentlemen…you failed to identify their purpose! As frightening or crazy as that may seem it’s true. If you ask the typical couple about their value system and how their purposes align to fit each other they can’t tell you. You see you and I as well as everyone else on Earth has a purpose.

Yet, too many of us don’t know it, haven’t found it, and in some cases aren’t even thinking about it. And in the same breath go through life making commitments to others when we don’t even have a handle on us. Yet we do not see or evaluate how much could go wrong with aligning our life with someone else’s, when we have no idea what they want or what God created them to do.

And to dismiss the reason God created them is to dismiss your own purpose as well. It’s the equivalent of thinking you are going to get the best results from driving a car that has no engine oil. It’s simply not realistic, no matter how much you like the car or how great a driver you are any car with no engine oil is not going to take you far.


So how do you avoid this?

1.      Know Who You Are – I’m not talking about your name or your likes and dislikes here. I’m talking about knowing your purpose. Because until you know your purpose how can you pick the best possible spouse for you. If you fail to do this, you could quite possibly end up with someone who doesn’t compliment, appreciate or care to understand your why on this Earth.

2.      Understand His Purpose – I know you’re thinking, what if he doesn’t know it. Um, problem! Because he won’t be able to know if you have, can, or will even desire to help him. Remember, us Queens and Kings of God are striving to live Kingdom daily. And if you’re doing that then you should be aware that yes when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing, but the wife is to be her husband’s help. You can’t help if you don’t understand.

3.      Be Willing to Walk Away –I’ve said it before and I repeat dating is a process! You should enjoy it. Translation, don’t commit to do life with someone when you know they aren’t best for you, or better that they don’t know what’s best for them. That means you must be willing to walk away because you can’t get the best for you by settling for less. It’s hard no doubt and emotional on many levels, but trust me continuing to go in the wrong direction simply prolongs the inevitable and time is too valuable for you to invest doing something or holding on to someone who isn’t the best fit for you!


~Many say there’s no point in getting married, while others say marriage doesn’t work. However, in most cases when people skip dating or simply date wrong, they create a foundation that was never meant or built to last. ~Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY

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