Did Your Energy Source Fail?

"Did Your Energy Source Fail?" is my blog post where I challenge you to recognize that though your energy company is in charge of supplying energy to your home, they have no power to supply energy into your life. ~Don't put your faith in man-made things, because man-made things were never meant OR built to last a life-time~Coach Sam

Well, I’m sure most, if not everyone in the world is aware of the crisis many in the United States are experiencing with energy.  All-across the state of Texas, so many, myself included, did not foresee their energy company’s limited capability to supply energy to our homes. However, they have most definitely failed to do so reliably. And their failures have caused undue stress, as well as millions being without energy supplied to their homes, some like myself for hours, and others in worst cases, still today.

Those in charge were not prepared for such frigid temperatures, yet told consumers to be. This should be a wake-up call that causes management to realize climate change is real and they need to get busy acting. Because ten years ago, there was an arctic storm as well, and though those in charge admitted they needed to take better action to avoid such a disaster from reoccurring. Yet, the aftermath of what’s going on here currently, in the state of Texas, speaks volumes about management and how much work they need to do.

It shows that while many state representatives love the idea of NO federal oversight and want Texas to be an independent state that Texas can’t handle being independent. And as far as I’m concerned state officials should not even be still considering protesting the matter that Texas would be better off independently, because we’re not now and wouldn’t be in the future. I can only imagine how devastated the Texas economy would be right now if we were an independent state and how much longer it would take to complete energy restoration, for the millions still in the dark and freezing temperatures.

You see it’s easy to run your mouth and say that you don’t need anyone or anything because you’re totally self-sufficient. Being totally self-sufficient means even in a crisis, foreseen or not, you don’t call on others to help you. And you don’t need anyone else to help you. But, look at us here in Texas, don’t we need help? Yes, we do. And we need help badly. People are still in freezing temperatures, people have died waiting for energy restoration, people have gone to store after store in search for everything from basic household supplies to fix damage to food items to put on the table, and are coming out stressed and with substitutes, or in some cases more than not, empty handed.

What the CEO’s of these corporations were thinking when they shut off power for such as extended time to homes across the state when temperatures were still plummeting is beyond me, especially when such cold temperatures are not the norm in Texas and our building codes don’t require the same protection for pipes as those where this type of weather is common. I see failures all around. I see many pointing fingers. I see many justifying. I even see many giving excuses and making statements declaring it was necessary.

Well, in my opinion, this devastation should not have happened and did not have to happen, had there been better preparation by those in charge and oversight of them to ensure they were doing their jobs, to endure through such a time as this. So, I ask you, are you prepared for storms and setbacks in your life? Or will your energy source fail? Yes, the energy companies supply or are supposed to supply energy to our homes, but they’re not in charge of supplying energy into our lives.

Ultimately, there is one greater than Energy Texas, Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), and even Efficient and Reliable Transportation of Consignments (ERTOC) and as the song writer wrote is the undefeated champion, savior of the world. And I had to remind myself of that. I had to stop looking at the situation in the natural, and see it from the spiritual. I know many would say how can you do that when there’s so much suffering and so much uncertainty right now. Well, it’s called trusting in God because while all the energy companies were clearly unprepared like a deer in head lights and are looking crazy at each other. God was not. And as the old saints would say if you’re going to pray, don’t worry and if you’re going to worry don’t pray. Either you believe God is in control and can provide or you don’t.

I had to mentally shift my focus and realize no this is not a good situation, it’s truly horrible and still in the mist of this winter storm the God I serve did not fail. The God I serve said He goes before me and He would be with me. (Deuteronomy 31:8) He said that He provides for the sparrow that neither sow or reap and that I am more valuable than they. (Matthew 6:26). So, I stopped by this Saturday morning to encourage you and to remind you that God takes care of His own, and though all situations are not good, that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28).

And if you’re not part of the family we’ve got room for you too. We each have a purpose on this Earth, even if we don’t know what it is yet. There’s something that you have that I don’t. There’s something that you can give that I can’t. There’s something and someone that your life adds value to in a way that my life can’t and that ladies and gentlemen makes you equally important and just a valuable as I am. As the Daughter of the King, I speak blessings over you, your family, and your friends, not to just endure what you’re going through, but to be able to grow through and look back see yourself as a conqueror, strong and mighty in battle. Until we meet again, may God continue to keep you and bless you is my prayer.

~Much love, Coach Sam

~Don’t put your faith in man-made things, because man-made things were never meant OR built to last a life-time~Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY

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