Digital Declutter

Yesterday I intentionally decluttered my Facebook page. I left more than 50 groups most I had no idea I was apart of.¬† It was the most liberating feeling EVER. I honestly felt lighter every time the “Leave Group” button was hit. There were groups that served me no purpose at this point in my life and it was time to leave. Remaining in those groups was only taking up space something beneficial could be in.¬† In my opinion, the best part of decluttering is the room it makes for the new.¬† Before I started a business my focus was on other things, now that I am in business a shift has taken place.¬† I am only interested in what will make me a better business woman, I am interested in continuing education courses, I am interested in learning from those who have gone before me. So yes my tastes have changed therefore; so did my social media accounts.

I hope you caught that nugget and make it applicable to more than just social media groups, hello somebody!!!!!

But yes, it is about time each of you reading this blog consider the same. You may need to leave several groups, unfriend several people, and unfollow any outlets that are not conducive to the environment you want set in your life. You set the tone for your life by what you allow to flow in and out of it. Social media is what we make it and we have powerful tools called fingers that can be used to do some adjusting. So consider a few things prior to clean up: where you are in life, where you want to be, is what I am feeding my mind via my news feed getting me any closer to my second answer or is it keeping me stuck in the first. Think about it, we become what we meditate on.

Give yourself a fresh start and declutter today, I call is¬†#DeclutterThursday. Take 10 minutes per day for the next week and tackle each of your social media accounts.¬† I did groups yesterday, so today I will take care of the inactive people (you know the ones who just want to see what you have going on but don’t really care for you). Set the tone for all of your spaces, your social media is your personal space.¬† You control what is allowed there. If you do not allow certain things in your house, why not treat your social media the same way.

 Ways to Declutter Social Media:
1. Unfollow tags, groups, and pages
2. Unfollow the unfollowers 
3. Create a space beneficial for where you are going 
4. Change your settings. Do not allow the tags without your permission.
5. If it is unsavory, UNFOLLOW 
6. Delete platforms you do not use
7. Take a break from social media occasionally. (If you run a business there are apps you can use to post information for you.)

These are tips people who disagree with what others post can benefit from too. Rather than commenting starting arguments about a person’s beliefs or creating an entire post about them, why not just unfollow them and follow a community with beliefs you share. I follow people who believe differently than I do, however; I am not on their pages condemning them. I personally feel we can all grow and learn from one another but for those who are incapable just unfollow.

Consider a digital detox weekly once you have decluttered. Have a real conversation, visit a bookstore, treat yourself to a smoothie, take a walk, read a book, listen to some music, take a bubble bath, journal, etc. We put so much time and energy in social media we have disconnected from human interaction. So relax and find some balance. Get your life back. We spend 2 hours on social media yet find it hard to devote 10 minutes per day to personal development. We fail to communicate properly because social media has given us the ability to make passive aggressive statements to people without dealing with the root of issues.  I am NOT against the use of platforms, I have met great people. I am only highlighting a couple of reasons to support why decluttering and detoxing can benefit our mental and emotional health.  Start your journey today, you deserve organizational health.

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