Before the wondrous tool of GPS technology,  I’ve traveled once thinking I was going in the right direction. I continued to drive feeling content and happy because I thought I was going the right way.  It was then when I saw a sign. This sign did not support the direction I wanted to go.  Instead of questioning the sign, I looked at the directions I wrote down. Well, to my surprise, I made a mistake. I felt so dismayed. There I was traveling with my radio blasting; feeling my own space. The end result of reaching my destination was no longer within my reach because I was going the wrong way.  While sitting on the side of the road, I admonished myself for not looking at the signs sooner. I calculated the time traveled… the wasted time traveled. Needless to say, I didn’t feel better. Truthfully, I felt embarrassed. I got directions. I believed the person who helped me. I informed him that I was lost and I needed help. After I listened and followed his instructions, I arrived where I wanted to go.  To ignore the signs of wrong decision only drives us further from away from peace and tranquility.  Stop, examine, and acknowledge wrong turns. We should be willing to ask question, listen, and act accordingly.  Mutual respect for one another will lead us all to a beautiful place.

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