Disappointment is cause for a celebration!

Sometimes in life, no a lot of times in life we may experience disappointment.  The disappointment could come from our peers, our jobs (careers), our friends, family, intimate partners, kids, and the list goes on.  It is in these moments of disappointment that we have to stop and think?  Is this really a disappointment? or a blessing in disguise?  Sometimes when we here “NO”, it is the push that we need to sprint towards our yes!  This entry is somewhat personal to me as I have a few irons on the stove.  One of which is that I am still holding on to my 9-5.  I have played the scenario over and over in my head and keep trying to find reasons to stay.  One of the reasons I had convinced myself that I needed to stay was that if I get this promotion I will stay for another minimum of 3 years; after I had already said that I had developed a 6 month exit plan.  So I applied for, tested, interviewed, for this promotion, that I did not get by the way (there were 7 of us that applied).   Initially I was heartbroken, mad, hurt, as I knew that I was the best person for the job, however after thinking about it, I had a thought that maybe that position was not for me, as I had already stated that my time was up at this particular place of employment and that, this is the “NO” that I needed to get out of my own way.  So as I sit here writing this, it is my words and wisdom to anyone that has or currently experiencing disappointment, don’t be angry, Thank whomever that you thank (God, Higher Power, The Universe, etc.) for your “NO” and for your true assignment that is coming your way.  Yes I was told “NO” but because I had dreams bigger than that agency, I can’t stay there too much longer, I have to accept the assignment that is going to be just for me to come my way.  I will be ready when it does.  Will you be ready as well?  Me wanting this particular position was my “FEAR” convincing me that I had to stay within the boxes of an Agency.  It was FEAR that was trying to convince me and you that what we have is enough, that we get/got a steady paycheck, why should we aspire for more.  Well not anymore!  I did not get the promotion! I was told “NO”.  But after some deep thought, I am ok with that as I now know and see my worth right in my face, and this “NO” has given me the courage and the PUSH to let go and let GOD (in my case).  So everything that I put on the back burner for the sake of my 9-5, I am now over it, and going to walk in the Strength that I am Enough and that I am truly destined for more.  When others let us down, we have to look at the why behind the disappointment.  I encourage you when dealing with disappointment to think about the Why?  Once you figure out the why, your disappointment will soon turn to excitement.  

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