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So many times we tell ourselves, “if only things were this way or if only I had this, I would be much happier.” But true inner joy does not come from the tangible things on the outside, joy is a feeling within us of true contentment no matter the situation. Life is beautiful, the beauty of life is in the eye of the beholder, you are the beholder. We get to chose daily how we will look at our circumstances; whether we will allow them to make us bitter or better. We get the opportunity through every situation to grow as life stretches us in those dark moments of our lives. No one likes to go through valleys but we all enjoy the mountain top. We all want to live in a constant state of laughter and happiness and that’s absolutely find. But the truth of the matter is that even in the hardest moments of our lives we can find the vision to look at things in a way that will help us navigate through it easier. It is about finding the purpose for the pain, for the struggle for the hardship. What is this situation trying to teach me, what is it growing in me, what part of me is dying off that needs to die off so the new can be birthed? These are questions we should ask ourselves when we’re faced with adversity, is it easy?, no, but it will give us a glimpse of hope to get us through the pain. You see joy is not about what I have or what I don’t have it’s about living in the moment and understanding that my life has a purpose. Coming to a realization that I was created to be a world changer and therefore everything I go through is molding me to be able to carry the weight and responsibility of what I am called to do. We shouldn’t wait until everything looks good on the outside to celebrate but we should find the courage to say, “this what I am going through now is necessary and I will rejoice in this because when it is all set and done I will come out of this refined and able to carry that which I was called too.”

So don’t wait for things to be perfect but look at your life now and find the beauty of it. Are you healthy, are your children healthy, your home, your job, your family, your friends, the air in your lungs, the beauty of the sun that you are able to see, to hear, to smell, to walk, to talk, to touch. So many things that we can look at and be grateful for and allow joy to reside within us and not fall into a place of discontentment just because we don’t have that one thing we desire. Attract the good that belongs in your life by keeping a positive mindset because we become what we are constantly entertaining in our mind. Instead of discontentment today chose to be content even with the little you may have. When we are grateful and great stewards of the little entrusted to us, then only then will we be entrusted with the more. 

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