Discover the Call

“The meaning of life is to find your gift,

The PURPOSE of life is to give it away”


 I understand the frustration of wanting to know your purpose. Reading endless books, registering for seminars, webinars, and workshops. I’ve tried it all 😩 feeling even more frustrated than before because I thought a high influencer was going to tell me exactly what I was supposed to do… Seems funny when you read it out loud 🙃

For years, I was consumed with “finding my purpose,” I would scream to God, more like yell and be angry at him. “Tell me why I am here?” I would say angrily. “What is my purpose?” I will ask repeatedly thinking I will hear or get a response. I would do this back and forth for years. Yelling at God and reading books about Purpose 😒 thinking it was something I was supposed to discover or find… Purpose I learned is not hidden in a book nor told to you I know it’s hard to believe and it seem so simple. Purpose is within you it cannot be given nor found. 

I lost everything I valued. I became homeless 😱 and in that moment my life changed. I questioned how I got here… Why did this happen to me… I shifted my mindset, did the work and within 90 days I went from homelessness to Entrepreneur. (book coming soon) I learned to turn my pain into purpose! My journey to purpose has been long and rocky, I learned new tools, shifted my mindset, believed in myself, adopted an abundant mindset which changed my life. I went through my process and did the work now I want to help you identify your purpose, shift your mindset to live a life of freedom. 

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