Discover Your Purpose

A big part of break-up coaching is working on your purpose in between relationships. Don’t rush into dating, instead, spend time finding your meaning and purpose in life. This will help you to figure out how your future partner fits into the picture. There is more to relationships than just physical attraction. There’s got to be something else that keeps the fire burning and it has everything to do with why you were created.

Take time to answer these questions and write the answers in your journal. Summarize everything into one paragraph. Pray and ask God “Why am I here?” Meditate and listen…You will hear THE CALL.

1. What do people appreciate more about you?

2. Do you have hurts that you can turn into healing for others? (for example, I went through a painful divorce and the pain has now been turned into helping others to heal from the pain of separation and divorce).

3. When have you felt a sense of meaning?

4. Who were you currently helping or serving?

5. What did you love to do in middle school?

6. Why do you think you really loved that activity? (Maybe reading gave you a glimpse into others’ lives, or running track freed your mind and put you in the zone.)

7. What gives you that kind of joy now?

8. If you had six months to spend any way you’d like, what would you do? Imagine that money was not a problem and you didn’t have to ever work a day in your life again.

9. Name the things that most relax you, excite you, move you, and delight you.

10. What are the last three things you read, watched or YouTube channels you subscribed to or interests on social media?

 Lets discover your purpose, so you can live your purposeful, joyful most abundant life now!

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