Discovering Purpose!

Sis, I almost ain’t make the call tonight! Meaning, my goal to blog daily (missing one day at the most). The corona virus is going on right now so being locked in the house you would think you’d have all the time in the world to do what God told you to do right?? Ha. Ya’ll know how that flesh can go! But I’m glad I got up off the couch and re-energized myself by talking to my good sis, Steph. We met on FaceTime for a prayer and encouragement session so you know I got hyped up to write after that. Glory be! I titled this entry, “Discovering Purpose” and as I sit here I’m like “God, how am I even¬†qualified¬†to speak on this??” I haven’t done anything yet lol. My Bestie, the Holy Spirit, just reminded me that God doesn’t call the qualified… He qualifies the called! So, here we go. From my experience thus far on my purpose journey, I would say that when you’re trying to figure out what God has called you to do in the earth you should start with looking at what you’re good at (talents, gifts, abilities) and what you’re passionate about. Then, decide how you can use those very things to bring God glory. Also, look at what you’ve been through. Remember what we talked about in our last convo, use your struggles and/or pain (how you overcame or are overcoming) to birth your purpose. That’s it really! So, for me, for example, I’m a servant at heart and I’m using that characteristic to serve women in the areas of encouragement, identity, discovering purpose and protecting and guarding their (and my) hearts! There’s so many sub points under those topics and I’m just relying on God to write the script for how I walk those efforts out in my everyday life. So, here I am blogging. That’s one way I believe God is using me to help someone else and glorify Him simultaneously. You may be a prayer warrior, writer, teacher, future non-profit/business owner, blogger, life coach etc. so identify your gifts and pray for God to reveal the channel(s) for which to bring your gifts forth. Although my gifts are things I love doing, I’m still finding it a bit difficult to consistently walk in them simply because I’m not used to exercising them¬†daily.¬†Showing up to do the work,¬†daily. It’s so weird sis, I’m really enjoying blogging, but I haven’t gotten to the point, yet, where it’s the first thing I think of doing in the morning because I’m just¬†that¬†excited about it. Why though? Why is it that although I’m really loving this blogging thing, I’m not super hype yet? It’s probably because it’s foreign to me! All my life I’ve been doing me and not necessarily being¬†intentional¬†about setting aside time for¬†obedience. So, like anything else I want to implement into my life, I have to start creating a routine, a new way of doing things– and that sis– is uncomfortable. It’s not hard, it’s not draining, its just, uncomfortable. Once I start walking in my purpose everyday, without question, it will get easier and it will get comfortable. I’m beginning to implement a whole new lifestyle so-to-speak. You won’t¬†feel¬†like creating a new routine and you won’t always¬†want¬†to because, after all, you’ve been doing you for the last [insert your age] years! But, in order to allow God to use you the way He needs to, you must¬†heed the call and walk in discipline and obedience. Now, I’m not saying 99.9% of your day has to be purpose driven, although even that may be bomb because you’re essentially doing something you love anyway! You can still do you, righteously, of course lol. Still make time for your favorite shows, self-love & care, hobbies, friends, etc. but just create a balance, being sure not to let those things outweigh your time with God or your purpose work. So good sis, this is a start and I’m starting right along with you so we’re in this together!

Talk soon.



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