Discovering your Gift(s)

Ever wake up and just feel empty? Like something is missing? Even if you have a great paying job and great benefits? Your gift is more than just a hobby or something to do with your extra time...Its the reason you were born, it is your purpose!

 Gifts…what are they and why does it feel like some of us don’t have any? I feel a gift is what we are naturally born with…It can come so easy to us that we don’t even think it’s all that special.. Believe it or not your gift may be something someone wish they could do! For example…My whole family can draw to some degree for some reason I did not get that gift, but I found my gift in other areas even with the longing to have the gift to create pictures, thoughts and feelings on paper still remains. They thought it was just something so simple and just came naturally.  Think about something you love to do that just comes as natural as breathing…

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