Divorce and grocery shopping

Everything turns upside down during divorce.

I remember going to the grocery store while I was in the middle of my divorce and leaving the building in tears. I didn’t have the financial resources to shop like before, and it broke my heart and scared me. So I went across the street to the local .99 cent store and made my purchases. I learned a lesson in humility and thanked God for the provision. What I discovered about myself was that although I didn’t have the money I needed at the time, one day, I would. 

Everything turns upside down during divorce, finances, medical bills, just having enough fuel to get back and forth to work is a challenge. You can get through this phase of the process too, here are a few tips.

Eat more vegetables and less meat.

Never turn down an invite to dinner at a friends

Volunteer to clean up after a party – you can make a to-go plate

Learn how to cook meals that will stretch, things like beans and rice

Grow a container garden, use those items for salads

Shop the .99 cents store if you need to, pride doesn’t feed you, food does.

All of this is beneficial, but the crucial component is learning how to budget. You can create a simple budget with some of the resources I am going to share below. 

  1. Contact your employee assistance program if your employer has one. Many times they have financial planners that can help you set up a budget and review your retirement plans.
  2. Check out online resources; several blog sites offer free download sheets to help you get organized
  3. Set a financial goal of getting some emergency funds set aside, start at $500 and build up to $1,000

Having these three items set up can help get you started. I can’t recommend this enough; getting your finances settled on the path to success will feel great. The worst pain is the fear of the unknown. By creating a plan, you will know what resources you do have, and you will know the next steps you need to take for success. 

Remember, giving up is not an option; this struggle will pass. And by the way, I still shop at the .99 store, not because I have to but because I choose too, and that feels amazing.

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