Divorce Sucks!

Divorce sucks!!!  Take it from someone who has gone through one.  I can help you at whatever stage you are in.  From the point were it becomes a consideration to the point were it is a signed legal document; I can help you.  Even after it is over the process of becoming independent again is not always easy.  I can help you.  Divorce is one of the most painful and stressful events that you will ever go through in your life.  Studies that measure life event stress racks death of a loved one and divorce as two of the highest stress level events in ones life.  However, divorce is listed as being more stressful primarily because of two factors.  These two factors are duration and emotional intensity.  While grief is difficult to manage, the emotions of divorce are often time more acute and wider in their range and to make the matter worse the other person is not gone as in death; therefore, the stress continues for much longer at this high stress level than grief.  I want to give you the strategies and tools you need to work through this process.  My first thought is to see if you can salvage your marriage 1st.  No matter the state of the union; as long as all parties are safe; there is hope.  After divorce becomes the decided route to take.  Then we build a plan hopefully before your better judgement become clouded by your emotions.  Then work the plan.  Adjusting the plan as needed but hopefully strategically and not haphazardly.  Let’s Talk!

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