Do It For Yourself

“Haters are my motivators.” -someone on the internet


“Haters are my motivators.” -someone on the internet

Roughly 15 years ago, it became really popular for folks to get on their social media accounts and say some variation of “Haters are my motivators.” But has anyone stopped to ask themselves “Why?” Why would you allow your drive, your ambition, and your persistence to be fueled by the idea of proving a point to those who want to see you fail, rather than letting your happiness alone be your motivation?

As I’ve mentioned so often before, only you can ever fully experience the breadth of your own emotions. All of your highs and lows are yours alone, now matter how many accolades or how much comfort you’re offered by others. You should be in it to win it for yourself. What value does honouring your enemies by giving them such an important role hold for you, other than to keep you fixated on those who don’t care about you? Using haters as motivators gives them priority in your life. So whatever you do, do it for yourself!

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