Do not disturb

What does being at peace look like for you? Is it your household being taken care of? Does it mean you’ve established a fool proof daily routine that works for you? Or does it mean ignoring any and everybody that doesn’t go along with your way of thinking or behavior? Some people say they’re not going to go around a certain person because that person “disturbs their peace.” What does YOUR peace look like? While you think about that, I’m going to share some thoughts about what peace may look like for some people:

1.      You’re not easily frustrated.

2.      You don’t let your emotions guide your decisions.

3.      You know what deserves a response and what doesn’t.

4.      You’re pleasant to be around.

5.      Bad behavior of others does not make you resort to bad behavior as well.

So…. When you think about peace, do you have it? Do you look at it as a personal thing or environmental thing? That means the whole room can be in chaos, but long as you’re not affected you’re at peace. Or that could mean if there’s chaos in the room, you’re feeling just as in the mix as everyone else. I know one thing for sure; healthy boundaries help you develop and maintain peace. Does that mean eliminate every connection that doesn’t go how you think it should, no. It means knowing where to draw the line. It means knowing how much time to put into something. It means recognizing when something drains you emotionally and does not help build you up. Maintaining peace is so important because it allows you to think things through without being too reactive. When we react too quickly sometimes we often look back and tell ourselves what we could’ve done better. Peace is for everyone (ha that was funny to say.) Take a moment and think about life without peace. A life without calmness. A life constantly being on edge or on go. That is a life that lacks peace. So ask yourself today. What disturbs my peace? What do I do to get it back? Does my peace being interrupted affect other people? When I’m at peace do I bring positive energy into a room? Once you figure these things out, you’re well on your way to knowing what your peace looks like, what tampers with it, and how to bring it back if you ever lose it. -Lori G. Clark

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