Do not give in to Manipulation


It’s normal for relationships to be challenging at times, but they should never be difficult. When the issues in a relationship exceed a certain level of stress and negatively impact every aspect of your life (business, friendships, health, and mental stability) that’s when it becomes toxic. Staying in a bad marriage or partnership can raise your stress level to the point where your risk for heart disease increases. The first step to getting out of a toxic relationship is admitting that there is a problem. Do not allow anyone to use guilt, shame or manipulation to force you to stay in a bad situation. Too many people end up in jail or in the grave behind toxic relationships, this is what destroys families. Just remember, if you want to remove yourself from a situation for the best interest of everyone involved (kids, partner, spouse) you are not being difficult, you’re being mature and rational. -Miss Kris #Healthycoparenting

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