Do Not Worry About Them. Walk Away!

Q:What Do They Think? A: Who cares!

When you end a relationship with someone, have you ever worried about what his or her family would say? What his ‘boys’ would think of you? What she told her ‘girls’ that you did? Have you wondered what the other person is telling everyone else? Well, guess what? Who Cares?!

You spend too much time worrying about what someone else will say, think or feel, that you forgot about yourself. What do we you feel? What do think? That is important you know. The reason it is important is because you are the only one that truly knows how you feel, what you think, and why you are, where you are today. 

You cannot make everyone happy when a situation ends badly. You are the only one on this earth, that will look after your heart.

You only have one heart, one mind, and most importantly, one life.  Walk this earth and each day, live your life for yourself. And, don’t worry about what ‘they’ think! Walk away from the mess. Trust me, if you go back to it, it will still be the same mess!

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