Do the WORK

Neglecting the necessary work for your healing to take place is dangerous. It's okay to give yourself time/permission to process your feelings and emotions....but please don't let too much time pass and be in denial. Lying to ourselves is the worse thing to do. Confont the issues head on with blunt honesty taking one step at a time.

We all handle things differently whether it be a small or big problem.The way you choose to tackle a breakup or a past childhood pain might be completely different than the next person. Please do what feels right for you but don’t shy away from suggestions from loved ones. People who know you best can often see through the mask you wear.  Often times we hide and pretend to be okay when it’s better to open up to those around you.  Don’t isolate yourself into a cocoon of suffering. Ask for help if you need it. Even just talking about an issue brings much relieve. As human beings we share similar experiences and can be comforting to each other.

If you feel at ease walking it out alone try researching books to assist you. When I went through my divorce books were my best friends. The easiest way to get expert advice or a different perspective is to find books that speak directly to your concerns. Nowadays mostly all books are audible so you can tune in as you cook, drive, shower etc.

Don’t look at healing with time in mind. You can’t rush true healing because it comes from a new level of understanding.  Getting new knowledge and understanding takes time. Don’t rush yourself.

Journaling is another great way to sort through your thoughts. Be honest with yourself. If it’s overwhelming seek a life coach, pastor or/and a therapist. My go to is prayer. God is my biggest comforter, friend and confidant. Seek comfort in the Psalms of the Holy Bible when you feel alone.  Proverbs is a book filled with daily wisdom. 

Take it easy with yourself and know you won’t always feel the way you do now…..if you do YOUR necessary work to see the changes you desire and DESERVE. 

Happy healing 💞

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