Do You Appreciate the Work in Process?

Do You Appreciate the Work in Process? is today's blog post inspired by the new freelancer now working on my book cover for my upcoming book titled, "Recognize Him: Is He Dating YOU For Commitment?" Throughout my journey to finding a freelancer to complete it, I realized how often we can want something completed, but not take the time to appreciate the process and how that mindset can limit our ability to see value in what we say we want or need in our life. “You know it’s easy to want and admire a finished work of art. However, before it’s completion someone took the time to ensure everything you see would be beautiful, which means they understood that process would lead to progress of its completion.” ~Coach Sam

I know we have all said it before. How much longer will this take? And if not, at least once in your life, you’ve felt that something you were waiting for was taking too long to be complete, at least according to your standards.

This is especially true in the fast-food industry, where people’s expectations are they are going to get their food quickly. I mean Dominoes even has a guarantee on their time to bring your order and if they fail to meet it will give you your order free.

So, it’s safe to say that as a society we know people like things done fast and there’s an expectation that there’s really no reason that people in charge can’t get or do most things we request and sometimes demand done fast. And that requirement doesn’t stop there.

I’m sure that’s why too often accidents on the roadway happen. People are in a hurry, sometimes to go nowhere, and sometimes to get somewhere that they know they should have already been. In essence, they’re late and want and need everyone to move and get out of their way.

I mean I’ve been there and so have you. Yes, we may try our best to have everything in order and always leave ahead of time, but as we know perfection doesn’t exist and things do happen. Sometimes its things out of our control that delay us, especially that train sitting on the track, when you’re boxed in by people in front, on the sides, and behind you.

And all you can do at that point is wait. Oh man, that’s the worst, at least for me. Anyway, process is part of life. And it’s best we get use to it. Because if we don’t we’ll end up feeling as though everything in our life is behind schedule or simply not working out as it should be.

And that’s not a healthy mindset to live life in or under. It’s toxic and will have you feeling depressed and stress about enduring the process of everyday matters that really aren’t out of the ordinary.

In fact, if you haven’t yet experienced a delay or roadblock in life, as my mom likes to say just keep living. It’s coming. That’s why I ask you do you appreciate the work in process. 

Because though we don’t like process, going through process, dealing with the uncertainty of process, or really anything that process brings into our life, there’s no one who has achieved anything or has lived long enough that has not experienced going through process.

I believe if you can only see the beauty in things, situations, projects, and the list goes on – once they’re complete; then you’ve missed an essential part of the makings of the matter at hand.

That leads me to ask you this: if you don’t value anything that’s not complete how can you say that you really want it? Think about it? You say I want this or I need that, but you don’t see any value in it if it’s not complete.

For example, I’ve previously talked about my book cover struggles before, so I’ll use it again, as it’s still in process and its process inspired today’s blog post. I know that the new freelancer is working on it.

I can see the progress with each critique and feedback I give and for me that’s exciting and each time I see an improvement, I know I’m getting closer to having the finished project I envisioned last year. Yes, I said last year.

You see, when you really want something, you don’t just throw the idea to the wayside because things didn’t go as you thought the first time around. You don’t just get upset and frustrated with the failure of not being able to get the job done a second, third, or fourth time.

Your mindset about it, makes the difference. Your mindset will cause you to shift your perspective and see lessons you learned and how you can go about making the process better, or more efficient the next time around.

Your mindset will show you insights and wisdom you can share with others and let them know it’s in perseverance that somethings come to completion. Much like riding a bike, rolling skating, or maybe even snowboarding for the first time, if you tried it, you weren’t highly skilled at it.

It took some work. It took some effort. It took some practice, well, most likely a lot of practice. 😊 And a lot of sweat if you live in a state like Texas, especially during the summer. Can you say hot and humid! Oh my…

Now, I say to you, as the good book says, though it tarry wait for it! And as you wait for it, keep working on what you can work on and realize that anger, frustration, and depression won’t help whatever you may be waiting for come any quicker.

And remember just because someone does something quickly doesn’t always mean it’s done the best. So, appreciate the process and knowing that along the way you have the authority to track its progress to completion.

“You know it’s easy to want and admire a finished work of art. However, before it’s completion someone took the time to ensure everything you see would be beautiful, which means they understood that process would lead to progress of its completion.” ~Coach Sam


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