Do You Desire A Relationship?

Now read or listen to this to the end. Many find this unattainable and unsustainable because they neglect the most pivotal relationship that is needed. That will allow you to enter and engage in other relationships. Being healthy, whole, and healed. 

As a people, we put a value on what is tangible. What we can see. And though the world and the flesh crave materialism and worldly goods, it is easier to throw them at God. Rather than committing yourself to giving Him what He needs. You. 

When we give what is material. This can be done dismissively. Without empathy. Without love. And without compassion. And because the gifts are of the flesh, no energy is expended. 

What is so important for you to realize is that Satan is allowed to reign over this earth. For a time. He will promise you all that lies therein. To convince you to forsake Jesus. 

You just fail to realize that he is detached and cares nothing for you. He despises God and you are detestable to him. It takes nothing from him to give you every sinful lust you ask for. 

Let’s not make it harder than it truly is. God is not asking for what you would not give to your earthly parents or children. 

To love Him. Have faith in His Word. Getting to know Him. Intimately. While loving and having mercy on others. With an obedient heart. 

You know Prada, Versace, Vera Wang, and others. But you don’t know Jesus? 

Is this too much to ask from a loving omnipotent Creator and Father?

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