Prayers are petitions to God for a series of thoughts, visions, creations, ideals, you would like to plant, produce or reproduce freely to be developed in the future as useful. Existing but not yet developed or manifested, hidden or concealed. Seeds sown for the purpose of growth and/or healing.

My dream is to be healed from the past. Forgiving in the present.  Grateful for my future.  To apply healing!  To be the light!  To bring peace, love, joy, and happiness to the Universe!  

My hope for the future is to have enough patience in a way that shows compassion or benevolence for the transformation that will be taking a front row seat in my life, right now.  ACCEPTANCE!  I am that, I will be!

Each and everyone of us as a whole can do our part to make a huge difference in our world, life, and affairs.  It is important to the Universe.  We can be that positive force to be recon with, together. 

Think about it!  Seed consciousness!  Look it up.  Yeah!  Seed consciousness.  Enjoy your assignment.  Enlightening!  Yes, no, maybe so!  🙏🙏🙏😇

Do you have a dream?  What is your hope for the future?

Oh well!  I think I’ve said a little much right now.  It’s all good.  I love you anyways.  Should you require some assistance book a coaching session with me.  My focus categories are Healing, Personal Power, Relationships.  If I am not a good life coach match for you please check out the list of many other coaches right here on mymentor.life, okay.  Okay!  PEACE & LOVE

The light of God surrounds us;  The love of God enfolds us;  The power of God protects us;  The presence of God watches over us;  Wherever we are, GOD IS!  And so it is.  Amen.



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