Do you know your purpose?

A successful career, a loving spouse, and a large social circle may appear to be the perfect recipe for happiness, but are they really?
Have you ever tried to find your purpose of life?
Remember, finding your purpose is more than a cliché or a pipe dream that will never materialize. It’s a powerful tool for living a better, happier, and healthier life that far too few people attempt to use. Knowing your life’s purpose makes it easier to concentrate on the things that are most important to you. You can find your route and stay away from temptations if you maintain your attention on one specific aim.
When you don’t know what you want to do with your life/ having trouble “hearing your calling”, you may, inadvertently, react to other people’s aspirations for you. By doing this, it could make you feel cut off from the people around you and it raises your risk of sadness/being unhappy.
It can also “force” you in discovering your actual/true passion(s) for your life, which then becomes a powerful motivator for you to do something exceptional. Whether it’s a childhood ambition or a new way of life, your enthusiasm will drive you to achieve your objectives which in the end could help “place you” on the path of knowing your purpose!
Relentless are those people who know what they want to do with their existence. They live their life in accordance with their purpose! People who are unsure of their divine are also unsure of what they want, and hence waste their time on frivolous activities. When you have a life purpose, you express it frequently and center your decisions, thoughts, feelings, and activities around it.
Even people who can check all of those boxes may feel as though something is missing, and that what is “missing” is their life’s purpose.

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