Do You Know Your Worth?


I didn’t know how valuable I Should Be. I gave my body to men sexually. Trying to fill the void that was in my heart. They knew my worth right from the start. But I chose to give myself and at least try. Like I was feeling him and would roll over to just cry. I didn’t want to feel the fear of rejection and abandonment. To you other women this should make sense. Stop and take time to love yourself unconditionally. It starts with evaluating oneself you see. True Love is what we are searching for. I don’t want to feel this pain anymore. Tamara, not Tammy is no longer that little girl. I had to go through a transition to help other women in this world. Because God knows your worth. From the start of your birth.¬† Poem: Tamara’s Worth By Tamara ~KARisMA Blankenship¬†

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