Do You Look Forward to Escaping Your Reality?

Do You Look Forward to Escaping Your Reality? is my blog post inspired by my exposure to the mindset of those who seek and enjoy temporary relief year after year and will even post on social media about their mindset and plan to celebrate holidays being impaired, without failing to see that relief they seek is bringing them further away from the peace they truly need to live life purposefully. ~I know many people love vacations, but to desire a vacation is not the same as wanting to be outside of your mind. And to enjoy or want your mental state impaired says there’s a problem in my life that I don’t see or that I don’t want to deal with. ~ Coach Sam

Well, if you live in the United States, you know that Labor Day is just around the corner this year. And of course, it’s a holiday, so many people will get to enjoy a of day of rest from their jobs as will students from schools on Monday. That means this weekend many people will have what they call a 3-day weekend.

Now, for some they will actually use it wisely and make memorable moments – enjoying family or even a short trip, but others are simply ready to escape their reality for a little while. And there’s a difference. You see, to vacation and see new sights and have new experiences says I want to make the most of my time.

While choosing to detach from what’s real and presently happening in your life says there’s an issue or maybe several issues you don’t want to deal with. The problem with having a mindset of wanting to be free from your current reality is that typically it’s easy to not see that there’s at least one underlining issue that you need to address.

Often when people who have a limited mindset ask what I do for fun and I don’t mention drinking or smoking they see that as odd. Because their mindset is that’s what people do for fun, especially people that they see as young people. They turn up, get lit, or live life faded.

But what they fail to realize is much like KB stated in his song No Chains… “…If you gotta pop pills on the usual, then that paradise ain’t really Coolio/If your world is really that flame, then why you always high, tryin’ to escape? …” While that may be a controversial perspective, it’s true.

Because what’s he’s saying is doing those things keeps you out of touch with what is really happening in your life and around you. So, if you really sit back and think about anything that you enjoy, most people would want to remember it. And if you choose to live life in this manner your actions show you don’t like the reality you live.

I mean how can you say you enjoy your life if you always want or desire to check out of your life. At that rate, you’ll look up and look back and have nothing but fragmented pieces of wasted time and opportunities. Contrary to popular belief the lifestyles of some of those labeled as rich and famous by society are not living the dream.

Each year there’s some report or article written about someone who appeared to by society’s standards “be winning” yet they end up hospitalized, in trouble with the law, or worse deceased, which typically leads back to their mindset and their life choices. And yet unfortunately too many young people look at them or their lifestyle and see it as ideal and something that they want to replicate.

In fact, there are some people who I’d say are way past the age to consider themselves young and they too don’t see any issues with the toxic and detrimental way their favorite icons and influencers live. They disregard the tragic cases and minimize the issues they know those they idolize struggle with and still pursue or dream to have a career like theirs or live life as they do.

They don’t see or even think about why is the drinking, pills, drugs, partying, and clubbing necessary for them to feel as though they’re living the life. They don’t understand the why behind it. So, today I ask you to consider your life and what you do for fun. Because if you too desire to escape your reality this way you need to check in on you to think through on your why.

And there is a why, whether it stems from childhood trauma, hanging with toxic people, a desire to feel accepted, or simply looking for peace of mind and a feeling of no stress you do have a why that’s up to you to address and until you address and face it, you’ll continue to feel as though this is the way you must live life. This is what’s needed to have a good time. This is normal. When the truth is you can have a good time and enjoy life without choosing to alter the state of your mind.

Like it or not, agree or not, if your mental state is impaired, you’re limited and at a disadvantage in so many ways and that’s no way to live life, in fact, I’d say you’re not living at all, because you’re not in tune with reality. And until you can get to a place where escaping reality escapes your mind and is not a part of your mindset you are merely alive living life hopelessly without purpose and peace.

~I know many people love vacations, but to desire a vacation is not the same as wanting to be outside of your mind. And to enjoy or want your mental state impaired says there’s a problem in my life that I don’t see or that I don’t want to deal with. ~ Coach Sam


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