Do You Maximize Your Free Time?

Are You Maximizing Your Free Time? is my blog post about how we can take an unexpected gap in our schedule and decide to make the most of it or decide to miss the opportunity to do more. ~An unexpected early release from work doesn’t have to become time that’s wasted doing things that add no value or profitability into your life or the world.~ Coach Sam

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control and that’s not always a load or negative thing. For example, this week there was a power outage in our building, so supervisors decided to release everyone early to go home. Now some people I’m sure had the mindset that I’m going to work to make my money, so knowing that the early release meant their pay check would be short weren’t happy. Others I imagine felt as though since we must make the time up later it’s not an issue.

They will pay me for it then. Meanwhile others were happy to be free to go do as they pleased, even if it did come with the cost of making up the time later. And none of these feelings per say is right or wrong as our different perspectives and thoughts make us who we are and give others the ability to have conversation with us, connect with us, and learn more about us.

Simply put your vibe attracts your tribe. And with that said – Are you aware of the kind of people that you are attracting? Why does it matter? Well, typically those closest to us have the most influence on us. We may not even think about it but time and time again we find ourself drawn or spending time with the same people or same type of people. That means we have a type. I know, I know, you may think you don’t but consider how you typically view unexpected events –

Do they make you upset? Stressed? Overwhelmed? Mad? Sad? Or do you easily and quickly adapt and find a reason to look on the bright side or see the cup of life as half full? Either way it’s quite likely those closest to you share your perspective. And while it’s great to have an inner circle that understands and agrees with where you’re coming from sometimes, we need to see and understand other perspectives, especially as it relates to how we spend our time.

Because as much as possible we should be maximizing our time. And this includes our free time. You see we like to think of our free time as just that free time- time we get to be free to unwind and throw our cares and concerns on the back burner. But what if instead we decided to maximize our free time by doing things and investing value into others. Sure, there’s a time and a place to chill, have fun, and enjoy what this life has to offer.

However, if every time you have a gap in your schedule to do something you think about fun, partying, or doing nothing. Well, that’s not maximizing your time and heres’ why.


I know just thinking about having fun can bring a smile and much happiness into your life so much so that you could find yourself planning what you want to do, who you want to do it with, and how long the fun should last right now. The thing with fun is that it’s great to have and it’s great for memories, but after it’s over aside from the memories, there’s not a return on your time that keeps giving you value or allowing others to benefit. It becomes a past tense feeling and thought.


The same goes for partying and that’s regardless of if you’re throwing the party or going to one. Again, partying means there’s a cause for a celebration, and while I do encourage us to celebrate our milestones of all sizes, to spend all or most of your free time partying means all you’re thinking about or find most important is celebrating. And there’s so much going on in our world that outside of thinking about partying other people, things, and causes should stand out as important enough for you to want to get involved in.


Now, if you’re mindset is it’s my life and I can do as I please and that includes nothing if I so choose. Recognize that people don’t remember people who did nothing. When we think about people in our society that stand out as leaders and people who we see as valuable we think about their contributions to others. They provided or in some cases are still providing something of value today.

Sometimes it’s their words of wisdom, other times it’s their inventions that we use to help us simplify or streamline our own life. So, what I’m telling you is that as much as we may want to see our free time as free there’s a cost associated with it. Because in this life we should all know as adults there’s nothing free. Yes, corporations and even small businesses may advertise and promote free goods or services.

However, somewhere someone else is paying the cost for that free item or service. And it’s up to us to decide if we’re going to use our time in a way that we make the most of it for ourself, others, and the world we live in, or if we selfishly think about and live a life of doing what pleases us, which leaves nothing of value or substance behind that shows our concern and compassion for anyone or anything else.

~An unexpected early release from work doesn’t have to become time that’s wasted doing things that add no value or profitability into your life or the world.~ Coach Sam


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