Do You Really Have the Hook Up?

Do You Really Have the Hook Up? is my blog post inspired by a conversation of teenagers talking about fast food and how they offer extra services to their friends at work and while it made me smile to hear some of their friends decline, it also made me think about how limited our view can be on having the hook up. ~ When you have the hook up you have access to more than freebies, you have people in your corner and in your life who care about you and for you so they always have your best interest in mind and at heart. ~Coach Sam

Yes, some of you may say the hook up? What? Well, if you don’t know having the hook up typically means you have access to someone on the inside of an organization who through their employment or association somehow can allow you as their friend or relative free entry or access to merchandise.

So often in life we say we got the hook up. And we brag about having the hook up but truth told many of us have a false sense of reality of what having the hook up means. You see when we think of having the hook up as simply having access to free things or to access to purchase something at a discounted price due to who we know that’s not in fact a hook up.

Because the sad reality is that if our so-called hook up’s supervisor walked up during the mist of the freebie exchange or merchandise purchased at a reduce cost, he or she may change their tune. In fact, he or she may say to you I know I said you could have it free, or use my discount but you’re going to have to pay after all.

When you really have the hookup, you have access to more than free nuggets and fries. You have access to more than someone else’s 25 percent off store employee discount. You have access to someone who sees you as an HVP- highly valuable person. And because they see you as such, they treat you as such.

They’re the person that you can call in the middle of the night and say I have an emergency can you help me? And instead of letting the phone ring they answer it. And when they answer it, they don’t give you an excuse, but get up and come assist you in your time of need.

They’re the person that at the last minute you can pick up the phone and call and say I need to talk. And even though they may be extremely busy they pause their own schedule, priorities, tasks, and agenda for that day to see how they can be there for you. Because they desire and want to help you. They want to see you do and be your best.

They’re the person that when crisis strikes don’t say the cliché of if I can help you any way just let me know. Instead, before you can make a request or ask for help assess the situation you’re facing and provide a solution to what you’re dealing with. And if they know they can’t fix it they do their very best to be the best support you never asked for because they know their job is to show up and show out.

To let you know that you are loved. To let you know that they do care. To let you know that you are valuable to them and to their life. So, the next time you’re gathered with friends and family I want you to think about how they treat you and as well as how you see them.

Because the way you see people is the way you treat them. And it’s important to take inventory of who we have in our life. Family or not, if we’re honest some family members are toxic and don’t do what’s best for them let alone would they show up for us to hook us up.

Therefore, I challenge you to be mindful of who you have in your inner circle and what you can do not to just be a receiver of the hookup, but a giver as well. Because when you really have the hook up, you have a battlefield tested ally that treats you just as good if not better than they treat themselves.

And in this cold harsh and often critical world that’s hard to find. So, if you know that you have it maintain it by showing your appreciation and gratitude through your actions. And if you don’t have anyone like that here on Earth, just know one person who gave you the ultimate hook up was Jesus so take heart and I encourage you to know you are still truly loved and highly valued.

~ When you have the hook up you have access to more than freebies, you have people in your corner and in your life who care about you and for you so they always have your best interest in mind and at heart. ~Coach Sam


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