Do You Want Revenge?

Today' s blog post "Do You Want Revenge?" is inspired by Joel Osteen's Dealing with Difficult People Sermon. As I listened to it, I thought about the many instances in my own life when I wanted to take matters into my own hands and how important it is to know what is and is not worth our time. ~To want revenge or to clapback at an ex who did us wrong is a reality that many of us face at some point in our life, but its not worth our time because our time is an investment we should spend in places and spaces with people who matter, especially to our destiny.~ Coach Sam

Do You Want to Get Revenge?

Do you want to get revenge on an ex? If so, I’m tell you three reasons why that’s a bad idea. So maybe you were out and about and you ran into an ex and they decided or he decided rather than he wanted to act a fool, he wanted to clown, he wanted to put on a show with his partners and act a fool.

If you’ve ever been there trust me and I know exactly how you feel and you may have been thinking to yourself you know what he wanna act like that, he wanna clown, he wanna do the most I got something for him. I got something for him because he not going to do that to me. He’s not going to treat me like this. You just wait I got something cooking for him.

Now if you had that train of thought trust me, I know because not to long I ran into an ex. Well, I shouldn’t say I ran into him because you know I was at my house, I was doing my own thing, not worried about him, not thinking about him.

And truth be told while I say he was an ex you know when you’re in the dating stage where you meet somebody before you get into the commitment – yeah – he was right there.

He was in that area so really; he didn’t make it into the ex-category. He was really just a guy I talked to for a very short period of time. however, he took it upon himself to stand in the street, then he gon gather up some of his partners, and they standing there with him. Just staring, smiling, laughing, giggling and I’m thinking to myself really?

Really?! And you know I – I started to go over. I started to go over and set it off and say a few words. To let him know I didn’t appreciate that side eye and all that extra that he was doing in the street with his homies. It was unnecessary, it was childish, and just disrespectful.

So, you know, I know exactly how you how you feel if you say you know what I need to teach him a lesson. I need to teach that boy a lesson so he can know not to play with me, not to try me.

However, the three reasons you shouldn’t is this…

Number one – revenge rarely turns out the way you want it to.

I know you can have a plan and you can try to execute that plan but the thing about plans is sometimes things go wrong along the way with the plan and that happens you’re not able to execute the plan as you envisioned. So, I’m telling you sometime it’s a bad idea because the plan will just fall to pieces and then your revenge won’t be the revenge you planned and you’ll be mad about that.

Number two – it diminishes your character.

That’s right. So, you could set it off, you could tell him how you feel, you could even pull a Jasmine Sullivan and bust them windows up out his car. But then what you’re saying to him is you know what since you act a fool with me, I’m willing to act a fool right back with you.

Yeah, you wanted to take it there, you wanna go low. I can go low too in fact I can go lower than you. And so now you’re showing him that you know what just like you petty, I’ll be petty back with you. So, you diminishing your own character when you go after revenge on him.

Number three – you don’t allow God to handle it.

That’s right! In essence, what you’re telling God is listen you know I know I’m a Child of the King. I understand that. But you what Lord, you know what Jesus, just fall back right now, just fall back, just be quiet, just hush. I got my own plan ‘cuz you know I’m gon handle this here. I got me. I’m going to take care of me. I got this. I don’t need you. I ain’t trying to hear what you talkin’ about. I’m finna handle him.

So, we don’t ever want to be in the position as kingdom minded women telling the Lord, aye, I don’t need to hear what you talking about I got this! At least we shouldn’t want to be because then we become our own God instead of letting Him handle the situation because trust me the Good Lord can take care of him and handle him much better than we can.

So, think about that. Remember when you’re dealing with an ex. When you run across them especially in small towns because you might run across them more often than you really care for the reality is you don’t want to be trying to get revenge on them if they have done something or do something in that present time that really set you off. That really make you feel like you know what you not treating me right because it rarely turns out how you want it to, it diminishes your character, and its basically telling God I don’t need you to fight my battels.

Yes, at times we do need to speak up for ourselves, but there are times when just need to peace be still and let God handle it because He did say vengeance is mine.

~To want revenge or to clapback at an ex who did us wrong is a reality that many of us face at some point in our life, but its not worth our time because our time is an investment we should spend in places and spaces with people who matter, especially to our destiny.~ Coach Sam


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