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Knowledge is meaningless if it’s never applied.


Knowledge is meaningless if it’s never applied.

There’s nothing wrong with being a thoughtful, cautious, and insightful person, There’s nothing wrong with thinking before speaking, and weighing potential consequences before acting. All of these are the characteristics of self-awareness and maturity. But thinking and dreaming cannot be all that you ever do. So many people waste months, years, and even decades of their life planning for or thinking about a far-distant future, all while neglecting their present day circumstances, and the steps that they could take to get them to their vision.

All of the information in the world will no work for you unless you work it. When you know better, or simply more, you have an opportunity to then apply that knowledge and do better. Knowing solely for the sake of knowing will not serve you or anyone around you, so what good is it? Gathering information may feel good momentarily; everyone likes getting the answers right while watching Jeopardy or playing Trivial Pursuit. But are you using this information to work towards your goals? Shift your self image? Heal and grow? To help others? What does the knowledge that you’ve acquired actually mean to you, and how can you make it mean more?

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