Does He Provide You with Clarity?

Today's blog post Does He Provide You with Clarity? gives you 3 reasons about why the man you're dating providing you with clarity is important and necessary. ~ Clarity - No matter how much we may say trust your gut is the key in knowing for certain that what we’re thinking of or about is a sound and wise decision to make ~ Coach Sam

Webster’s defines clarity as: the quality or state of being clear: lucidity… So, there’s no doubt, clarity is something we at one point in time can all say that we’ve needed to make a major decision or didn’t know we needed until after a disaster occurred due to a lack of clarity. That makes it natural to want and expect the man you’re with to provide you clarity.

In fact, the good book declares that we should write our vision down and make it clear. What it’s telling us is that clarity does make a difference in all aspects of our life. If you’re in a relationship with someone who keeps you wondering you are definitely lacking clarity from the guy you’re seeing. Because clarity is or rather should be high on your list of non-negotiables for 3 reasons.

1.       Peace of Mind

2.       Projects Next Steps

3.       Positive Conversations

Peace of Mind

Oh, what great thing it is to have a peace of mind. Most of us don’t realize how valuable having peace of mind is until we no longer have it. Just think when your mind is at peace, you don’t feel worry, anxiety, or stress. And we all know that living under worry, anxiety, or stress daily is harmful to our overall health and well-being.

You shouldn’t accept any man thinking it’s okay to be involved with you in such a way that causes unnecessary stress, worry, or anxiety in your life. Now don’t get me wrong there will inevitably be moments and times in your relationship with him or anyone for that matter that can and will cause you to feel worry, anxiety, or stress.

However, this should not be a daily lifestyle that you find acceptable because living this way again is no good for you as it creates a toxic relationship and living environment for all those indirectly connected to you on a regular basis. So, protect your peace like you protect your life because living a happy and joyful life depends on the quality of your state of mind.

Projects Next Steps

And when you have peace of mind about your relationship, you have assurance about what’s next or at least the path that the two of you are committed to. And that’s the way your relationship should be. You shouldn’t find yourself having to stress and be concerned about what’s going to happen nor should you find yourself having sleepless nights because you’re anxious about what’s to come.

That’s why understanding the person that you’re with is critical to the success of sustaining a stable and committed relationship. As author Franklin Covey said, Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. While it does take work you shouldn’t mind doing so because working towards next steps in your relationship together should be a priority for the both of you, especially when the end goal is a healthy and happy marriage. Again, do recognize that all relationships will have difficulties.

However, it’s typically those couples who have committed to understanding where they are, where they want to go, and how they want to get there that are able to whether the adversities and storms that come their way. So, the point of the matter is he can’t provide you with clarity if you can’t understand a word he’s saying and he sure enough can’t provide you with clarity if he fails to communicate and contact you daily.

Positive Conversations

And it’s through his communication with you and to you that he should provide you with positivity. Yes, his speech, mannerisms, and openness with you should be positive. Just think you’re in the dating stage, which is the beginning of each of you setting your standards for each other and determining if you two can be happy together. So, if you’re already experiencing negativity that’s a red flag because again at this point you really have yet to invest in committing to him.

Translation, his communication shouldn’t already overwhelm and frustrate you about the state of the relationship you have with him or the future you could have together. Typically, if your relationship starts toxic and negative you can bet it’s going to end explosive. Therefore, pay attention to the conversations you have with him and the type of energy he brings into your life. Of course, that energy should be positive. I’m not saying he can’t have a bad day or share his frustrations and concerns.

Still ultimately you want a man who has the mindset and mental capability to provide you clarity about us. Not just tell you about his troubles and drain any happiness you had before you communicated with him. As someone whose always in a negative space is not capable of providing clarity to you about a relationship, when their focus is on me and all my problems.

~ Clarity – No matter how much we may say trust your gut is the key in knowing for certain that what we’re thinking of or about is a sound and wise decision to make ~ Coach Sam


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