Domestic violence

As domestic violence increases due to added stress, make sure that you have an exit strategy in your head, already planned out. Are you prepared to run out of your home barefoot? Or do you walk around the house with a pair of flip flops on? Just in case you have to make a quick exit?  Are you prepared to leave with just the clothes on your back? Do you have social security cards and birth certificates in a safe hidden place? Do you have a debit card or some cash available? Is your cell phone in a place you can grab it and go when the opportunity arises? I walked away from an abusive marriage after planning it out. I knew his work schedule and once he called to confirm it, I left with the clothes on my back and my child’s back! The only regret I had was staying until we had a fist fight  in the presence of my youngest son. Although he was only three  years  when it happened. My son says he remembered the fight. He  remembers trying to bite his daddy’s leg . I didn’t care that he didn’t respect me. Fighting in front of our son let me know he didn’t love him either!

Abuse is never o.k. Know your worth! 
written by Sophie Wells

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