Domineer the Fear

In order to domineer fear in our lives we have to begin by realizing two things. One – that psychology directs physiology; and two – that our belief system plays a vital role.

In other words what we think about directs how our bodies act and reacts. The internal + external words become more powerful when we engage our belief system. 

When our belief system marries with the negative words that others or we tell ourselves, they gain momentum and begin to have a life of their own. Especially when these words are consciously + unconsciously repeated over & over again. We become controlled and trapped in this powerful cycle.

If we want to change this we need to do the following 7 things.

1. Stop others’ saying things to you that you do not want in your mind/ life.

2. Stop saying things to yourself internally or out loud that you do not want in your mind/ life. 

3. Start saying what you do want in your mind/ life (encoding new neural pathways).

4. Engage your belief system. Stop believing what you do not want + start believing what you do want.

5. Stop and examine what is constantly coming out of your mouth or is in your mind.

6. When your body begins to be triggered and traumatized – notice it. Calm – comfort – and encourage yourself. Telling it that you will be ok and that things have already begun to change. That this too will pass.

7. Refocus and amplify where you are heading and where you want to go.

You can do this!!! You are a powerful being – Made to be free!!! 

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