Have you ever decided to get something to eat. So you look in the refrigerator and say to yourself,”what do I want to eat today “.You don’t want what you had earlier, not what you had yesterday or the day before. Then you look all the way in the back and say. “I  forgot about this”. You smell its still good.Because it was in the back chilling.

That’s how he treats your relationship. You don’t hear from him in days that’s his pattern So when he finishes with the others,he calls you because you was in the back of the refrigerator chilling. He’s ready for you now HENCE: his option. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your good enough. If you could see what God see on the inside,you would have that attitude. I’m not going to be his option. I know I was created for greatness. I was created to excel in life,business and love. So why settle for someone who is not letting you fulfill your destiny. Don’t stay stuck in place of complacency. 

Don’t settle where you are in your relationship or even your career. Keep growing,keep believing until everything that’s in you come to the forefront. 

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