Don’t die waiting

I left a well paid public sector career because it was killing me. Literally! I rode in the ambulance and thought to myself what took me to this point, why was I so afraid of leaping? It wasn’t until the nitroglycerin was slipped under my tongue that I decided to quit. I quit worrying about opinions, about what would happen next, and about how I would pay my bills.  I finally recognized that nothing would happen if I died; I quickly had to make a change.


Have you felt uninspired and stuck lately? Has the Pandemic got you thinking about your future and happiness?  Examine those feelings and realize that it may be time for you to make some changes in your career, relationships, and future. Don’t spend the next ten years of your life living on the fence and settling for less than your best life experience.  As we have all witnessed in the last few months, our world can be turned upside down and forever change at a moment’s notice.


Let’s talk about developing an exit plan to launch a new beginning.



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