Don’t Let Your Circumstances Define You!

Are you experiencing feelings of hopelessness? Have you ever felt that your circumstances determined what you were able to achieve in your life? If so, take a few moments to read a couple of paragraphs to get a little inspiration added to your day.

It is common for so many people to give up on their personal goals or dreams because of the current circumstances of their lives.  Overcoming hardships such as divorce, losing a job, illness, abuse, etc., can be some of the most difficult times that an individual will experience during their lifetime. Today, I would just like to offer you hope.  I say this with an immense amount of faith, that if you want your life to change, and it be the best it can be, it is possible.  

Through my own personal experiences, I have learned to eliminate doubt from my life and step out on faith to achieve goals that I set for myself, embracing the purpose I was created for. I will never pretend that it was easy.  After 20 years, I divorced the father of my children, relocated to a new city and found myself raising my children, one who has special needs, alone.  During that time, I worked long hours to provide. This caused a strain on the relationships with my children and ultimately influenced a bout with depression. I was blinded by my need to create financial security for my family and failed to address what happening to us all.  Slowly but surely, things began to change. I chose to let go of the comfort of having more money to engage more with my young children. I am thankful, that my faith allowed me to trust in the plans GOD had for me, instead of my own.  I went back to college and am now working towards a master’s degree geared toward working with families and children. My children have grown to be well rounded, emotionally mature individuals, and they make me very proud. I am amazed at the difference that a shift in my perspective has made in our lives. 

I hope that as you read a little about me, you will be inspired to never give up.  It is a process but the pain will heal!  You have to be intentional about moving forward.  Trust in yourself! Use your gifts to make your way through life and never settle, regardless of the circumstances. 

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